How to Integrate Your Virtual Numbers With Your Android Phone

A virtual SMS service allows you to send and even receive SMS text messages online without needing to utilize a real phone. This is how you do it. Choose a suitable number. Text 1-on-1 only with leads, clients, employees, or friends. Send SMS to large groups of people.

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In most cases, using a dedicated virtual number offers several benefits. Sending text blasts to a group is more effective than bulk messaging. Also, your customer or subscriber has the option to block specific numbers from receiving text blasts. However, before you go about using a dedicated virtual number it is important that you follow a few guidelines.

With the advent of SMS messaging apps, many companies have harnessed this powerful technology and created effective SMS campaigns for their businesses. However, as with everything in business, there are some things you should remember when it comes to using mobile messaging for your business. Read on to know some of these things and implement them for better SMS campaign results.

Get Started: Before you can successfully implement any SMS messaging campaign, you should first get started with your messaging app. Some messaging apps allow you to preload your content (such as product images and texts) onto a number of pre-defined contact cards. Once you select a card, all you need to do is copy and paste your desired content into the text box and hit send. Others, such as Google’s Android messaging app let you import texts and images from your own device and then lets you send them from your Android device as well. In short, the more flexible your virtual sms number is, the easier it will be for you to get started with sending text messages to your leads.

Global Call Forwarding: Along with importing images and texts from your device, you should also make sure that you have an effective communication setup with your virtual sms number. For example, if your number is forwarded to an international country, you should ensure that you have an outgoing data transfer rate (EDR). A good EDR will transfer both text and multimedia messages at the same high quality regardless of the destination. Furthermore, you should also ensure that your application has some basic security features such as encryption, auto-redial, caller ID, etc., as this will make it much easier for you to protect your contacts and other business data from being tampered with.

Set Up Your App: When you import your images and texts from your phone, it is best that you create a simple text message editor as this will make it much easier for you to edit or customize messages once they are imported. To import your media and images, there are free number importing/editing apps that you can find in the Android marketplace. After you import your media and images, it is best that you set the standard text length and font style for your calls. You can easily change these values after your virtual numbers have been set up. Lastly, it is also best that you access your Google+ account so that you can connect your Google+ page to your mobile device so that you receive calls on your smartphone as well.

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